Five Kids A lot of Kids




~Keeping Sane In Public~


Taking my army of children places is always an huge undertaking.  I will be perfectly honest in saying that each time we gather ourselves to leave as a family of 7 it isn’t such a pretty sight. I’m usually a hot mess mama trying to find a random shoe that fits the baby, feed everyone, tidy the huge breakfast mess and remain calm all the while.


Once we leave the house we can be sure to get questions and stares fired at us from every direction. You know that family that has a trail of kids and two shopping carts at Costco?  Usually one child is doing circles around the cart, two are asking for every other thing they see, the baby has no shoes again, we might have lost the toddler and an attempt to keep the baby quiet backfired because she just squeezed an entire fruit pouch on her face.  This is my reality. Every single day.

What I find the most interesting part of the whole journey is the comments  from others, or the glares of disapproval. I have heard it all and have tried to graciously respond to all comments such as, “are they all yours?”, “don’t you know what causes this?”, “o my your having another one?” How will they all get attention?”, “how will you send them all to college?”, “wow yours hands are full” (insert eye roll here”).  Usually I don’t have much time to chat but, a quick “yes they are mine, the more the merrier right?” seems to shut them down in passing.

Judgement. It’s so funny we all get it and we all give it.  I am hoping this will encourage all you mamas running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Give another mama a high five today. Her choices about how big she grows her family are hers. Her thoughts on what a perfect family looks like are own. Give her the gift of a smile, encourage her to keep strong because we all know its going to be a ball in 20 years at Christmas.




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