Fitness & Health

Why Crossfit?

~How My Perspective on Fitness Changed~

Two years ago my husband started crossfit. He had just decided to take parental leave and stay home with our family after the birth of our son. I knew that being home all day was going to make him crazy so I convinced him to give it a try.  He was skeptical but ended up loving it. I watched him grow and develop friendships and within just a couple months he was already doing recreational competitions.  I was a little  envious of his new sport and wished somehow I could do it too but we had four kids already and getting to the gym was too hard. Also,  I knew I wanted another baby so I focused on that and did workouts from home.

Another baby and another year of watching my guy from the sidelines  I was basically ready to jump on the crossfit wagon as soon as our bambino made her appearance. After the CanWest Games last year I got my hands on a barbell for the first time. I was 4 weeks postpartum and ready to give it all I had!





The shift on my fitness perspective has completely changed since staring almost a year ago . I used to struggle with body image and exercise was a way to change my body. As I began to get stronger and learn more I would surprise myself everyday. Lifting more, running faster and setting personal records.  It became more than a just way to stay healthy and  sane while mothering all the kiddos (that is another benefit though). It was a hobby and something that my husband and I could do together. A common interest we could share outside of surviving parenthood .

It has been a true gift to learn this sport and my mental health has improved so much because of it. I no longer fret about how my body looks but instead celebrate it for it what it can do.



Thank you Rocky Point Crossfit for the sweet memories.




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