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8 Easy Garden Veggies to Grow

~Growing Your Own Organic Veggies~


Feeding my Family is quite the undertaking. I come from a family of big eaters (healthy but large portions) and lucky for me, every single one of our children has the same size appetite that I do. That being said, I am always trying to reduce the cost of our grocery bill. I want my kids to grow up with the experience of gardening and an understanding of where real foods come from. So one of my biggest goals when we moved into our little country home was to grow some veggies!

After a few years and a lot of fails I have decided there are certain veggies I can grow successfully, without issues up here at our mountain home. I often let the weeds get out of control and miss watering days but still they seem to work. So here are my top eight veggies to grow that require minimal care and can still produce some food for your family!

Kale – This vegetable is the best! It just keeps coming back every year and we always have too much. I specifically love this one because it can even grow into the cooler winter months! Also, it freezes well. Therefore, its easy to add to smoothies or spaghetti. So, if you have too much, freeze away (blanching your kale before freezing will help it last longer in the freezer).

Zucchini- I recently became obsessed with this vegetable. I eat on average 6 zucchinis a week (just myself) and love it because steamed up, its super easy to digest and fills me right full for hours. This plant grows humungous so don’t plant too many. One plant for a family of 4 and maybe two if you plan on eating a ton.

Romaine- Can you say Caesar salad ? My kids want to eat it every single day. I know its not the healthiest of salads but with a little homemade dressing it totally can be! This lettuce is one of my favorites to grow because it grows fast and keeps coming back. I also enjoy grabbing a leaf and wrapping a burger in it or throwing together some lettuce wraps for a simple one dish meal.

Beans – You know the magical fruit? I always plant bean bushes. They don’t need to be all strung up fancy, can basically flop any which way and will provide you with an easy, healthy side dish when you have nothing to pair with that bbq chicken breast. I plant at least 2 rows of these from seeds. They come up fast, so they will be one of your first veggies of the summer.

Tomatoes-  You can grow these babies anywhere but if your climate is wet like mine put them under cover or in a homemade greenhouse. They love to be hot, hot, hot so a patio is also the perfect place for these babies. I have even seen them grown in hanging baskets! Grow them in bulk amounts and freeze them! This way in the winter you can make your own tomato sauce instead of eating the ones from the cans! (nice to avoid BPA am I right?)

Squash- This is my ultimate favorite. Last year we planted spaghetti squash and I was able to store the squash in a cool dark room right up until Christmas! Every time my carb hungry kids needed spaghetti my husband and I would bust out one of our spaghetti squash and eat that instead!! This year I am doing butternut and spaghetti squash. Both will last ages after you take them off the vine. The only warning I have is these are big plants , so train the vines to go where you want them.

Cucumber –  Our big family loves this one! It is one of the only ones that all my kids will consume (peels removed). It Is packed full of nutrients and grows fairly easy! This vine is much smaller than squash plants and can even hang on fences. I love how this plant seems to have its own personality. It’s vine grabs onto other plants (since I don’t ever weed) and makes its own path. My family would need about 6 cucumber plants to last us the summer.

Radishes- These plants are perfect for a “mommy and me” project. They grow so fast and are ready to eat just a few weeks after you seed them . I love this because it makes it fun for kids! Add this root vegetable to your salads for a fun crunch.

My biggest tip for your garden is try not so stress about it! If you plant a seed it’s likely going to grow. Too much time on Pinterest makes us think our gardens need to be a certain way! The reality is you will get something for your efforts and you did a great thing showing your kids where vegetables come from!

~Our Little Family Garden 2018~










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