Fitness & Health

Avoiding Hormone Imbalance

~My Personal Postpartum Journey

So you just had a baby and you feel crazy. At least I did. My first two babies were born exactly twelve months apart on the exact same day. If that doesn’t throw your body into a postpartum conniption try adding heart surgery on a 2 day old to the experience. Its a sure fire way to make you feel all sorts of crazy! After embracing this journey five times I have begun to understand my own body and how it tends to react in the postpartum period.

After the birth of our heart baby I stopped taking care of myself. I thought I was healthy because I certainly looked it. I had lost all the baby weight by 2 months postpartum and was thinner than I had ever been in my life. I was exclusively pumping and making mass amounts of milk . Combine this with drinking coffee instead of eating, slashing way too many calories and doing hours of cardio per day and I was a shaky hot mess.

Looking back I was clearly struggling with some postpartum depression and anxiety.I ended up gaining all my weight back and then some going from 112 lbs to 159. I then began to wonder maybe it wouldn’t have been the same if I took care of my body and treated it like God intended me to instead of riding the weight control roller coaster.

It took me 4.5 years for my hormones to recover.Β  Weeks of bloodwork, countless visits to a naturopath and even fertility meds couldn’t help the fact that my body had estrogen and progesterone levels of a 12 year old girl. I had no periods and my body was saying no way to more babies, but eventually in God’s timing he healed me from the inside out we were blessed again three more times.

Getting pregnant with the last 3 babies wasn’t as simple as 1,2 ,3 I had to limit exercise, always be in a calorie surplus (even though I have never even been close to underweight) take different supplements and even eat certain seeds during different times of the month.

The moral of my story is each our bodies perceives stress in there very own way. If you are exercising and eating right and you still don’t feel well, getting your period late or skipping it altogether. Take a moment and revaluate your game plan.Β  These are signs your body isn’t happy and is under too much stress.Β  Dial it back and eat some more. Its not worth it and that is one things I know for sure.




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