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HIIT Training from Home

dumbellI remember the first time my husband gave me a CrossFit workout. He told me we were going to learn a popular barbell complex. I was super excited and had absolutely no idea what I was in for. Fast forward 10 minutes later and I was a hot, sweaty mess. Every single muscle was fatigued and I was not quite sure what hit me.
You would think after that day I would have accepted the fact that this style of training was going to work for my newly postpartum self, but I still had my doubts. I have always been a cardio junkie and loved to see the number of calories on my fitbit soar sky high. This was totally weird to me. I would constantly say to my husband “We are going to workout for 7 minutes? That can’t be enough? I’ll probably do cardio after”. He would laugh and write the workout on the board and I would go into it totally naΓ―ve. Then boom! hit by a bus again. Damn you 7 minute AMRAP.
So fast forward to almost a year later and I can finally accept this. My body has gained a tremendous amount of strength even with these short intense workouts.I’ve put together a great workout for you to try at home. Remember to go all out because its only a few minutes. You need to be working at max capacity for these exercises to be effective. If you have a set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells you can do this at home (in a gym you can use a barbell) The goal is to get through the 7 reps without putting down those weights. Start with light weight and work your way up .

~Barbell or Dumbbell Complex~

Warmup that body with some air squats, jumping jacks and stretching (shoulders especially important)
Then Complete……
1x dumbbell Clean, 1x front squat, 1x push press, 1x front squat, 1x push press.
This is a number of exercises grouped together and is considered one rep. Do not put the dumbbells or bar down…….. Repeat this 7x
Now rest one minute …… and increase your weights if it was already a challenge you can keep it the same for one more round. Then bump it up!
We are doing 5 rounds…. The goal is to be grunting and groaning and your heart should be racing by the 5th rep in each round. So increase your weight and push yourself . See my examples below.

Pictures 1, 2, 3 & 4 are examples of a dumbbell clean. Then get into that front squat (pic 5) then hit your push press (pic 6) and front squat again (pic 7) Followed by one more push press (pic 6)
Do not put the weights down until you finish the complex 7 times through.


You will now be feeling the burn! If you still have energy try adding a bit the cardio hiit below at the end to keep that metabolism fired up for up to 36 hours!!!

~Quick HIIT~
5 Round for time (as fast as you can)
10 bar facing burpees (no bar? do burpee tuck jumps)
15 ab twists using a plate or dumbbell

Did you try the workout!? Let me know in the comments how it went!!


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