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How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Fitness Goals

How To Stay Motivated & Reach Your Fitness Goals

How do you stay committed to an exercise program? How do you avoid getting bored? What makes you continue to push when your tired and life is busy? How do you pick yourself up after you have fallen off the fitness & health wagon?
Crossfit Lover and Mother of 5

These are the types of questions I get from friends who have yet to find a rhythm that works for them. Not everyone is born with a passion for fitness. The reality is, exercise is something we all should be doing to stay healthy and be our best. Personally, I do have a passion for health and fitness but it would be wrong for me to tell you to “just do it” if you hated the whole idea of even picking up a 5 lb dumbbell.  So throughout this journey I have been researching ways to motivate you and get you to stick with a fitness program!

~Here are My Tips on Fitness, Motivation and Reaching your Goals~

1.) Set your Goal on something other than how your body will look.  Do not look at  pictures of ripped, strong and seemingly perfect fitness models and imagine your body looking that way. You will not succeed at your goals if you are negatively talking to yourself in the mirror while looking at other air brushed bodies as your source for inspiration. The reality is you will not look this way. Your body is not anyone else’s body. My abs are not your abs and my hips are not your hips. Instead, pick a goal that stems from accomplishing something like focusing on what you will be able to do with your body when you are stronger. For example a specific functional movement like push ups, pull ups, box jumps, running or lifting a certain weight. My goals are now constantly evolving and being added to, but when I first began CrossFit (after baby) a few of my goals were to deadlift my own bodyweight, do 10 unbroken push ups or skip up to 100.

2.) Find a support buddy. My husband happens to be my biggest fan. You may not have the same circumstances but if you can find a friend, family member or even a support group online you are better off! My husband encourages me and pushes me to lift heavier weights and go hard in the gym and I encourage him to clean up his diet (this doesn’t always work). I also surround myself with fitness people through CrossFit workshops, competitions, online group challenges or even Fitbit challenges. The more community you have the better your chances are of success. I have definitely had times in my life where I have felt like a total fitness freak weirdo but I am so loving the connections I’ve made with other like minded people over the last year!

3.) Don’t Restrict Yourself All the Time. Realize that you are not doing this fitness thing for 21 days and calling it quits. You have to be able to love the process and feel good during it in order to commit long term. By “all the time” I mean of course you need to say no sometimes. I most definitely tighten up my diet during the week while on weekends and holidays I relax a bit. I realize this works quite well for my life because I spend the majority of my days at home with little kids. Maybe for you it’s easier to have a little treat everyday that fits in with your macros.  Find what works for you and makes you feel best. Then stick to it.

4.) Change your Fitness Routine. I’m going to confess that I haven’t done the exact same workout more than twice in 11 months. I don’t love long workouts where I stare at the wall and run on the treadmill for hours. You may enjoy that and if so keep it up! But, if you get bored easily then you’ll need to work on new goals and change your routine all the time! This will keep you excited, motivated and it surprises those muscle groups you are missing. Bored today? Try out the CrossFit workout at the bottom of this page!

5.) Record your Own Stats. It is actually so much fun to record your workouts, weights and personal records. You can look back and compare how far you have come. I have all my workouts from 2018 written out and have loved journaling about how good I felt afterwards or how awful that 11 minute’s was. I have made huge accomplishments and have celebrated personal records and you should to! When you work hard at something it is worth celebrating!


6.) Get back up again even if you don’t want to. I know how hard this is for certain personalities. I have an all or nothing personality and when I fall off the health train I tend to fall hard. I’m thankful that I have found a more balanced approach to my fitness and health but that doesn’t mean after 3 days on holiday with wine, endless chips, chocolate and pizza that it’s super easy to jump back in. After weekends and holidays I often feel mentally down. My body craves nutrients and it’s really hard to drag myself up and get a workout in but as soon as I start I remember my goals. Take the initial step and get moving. Everything else usually falls into place once you have established healthy habits to fall back on.


~Here is a Workout to Motivate You and Help You Reach Your Fitness~ Goals

Crossfit WOD for fitness and health lovers


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1 thought on “How to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Fitness Goals”

  1. I just switched to veganism, made up my own diet called the Growing Vegan Diet I blog about once a week. I’ve lost 78 pounds since May 10th, 2018, actually, no exercise yet, really, either. Eventually, I will return to exercising, as I love to move and be active. I actually want to be a professional wrestler someday nearing, so I’ll have to get back to exercising regularly. I still have 97 pounds left. The holidays set me back a bit, lol. 😉


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