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Why You Should Get Fit With Your Spouse

Why You Should Get Fit With Your Spouse

Healthy eating and exercise should ideally be a big part of everyone’s life. I understand some of us love it, some of us hate it and some of us feel like they love it and hate it at the same time. I totally get it! It is so hard to commit to something that feels like extra when you are already so busy. I myself have always loved to live a fit and health lifestyle but never have pushed myself as hard as I have over the last year. What has been the game changer you ask? Teaming up with my husband and working on our health and fitness goals together! For many years my husband and I were always working on different health goals depending on what season we were in with our busy, growing family. Some years I would be pregnant and my goals were to exercise lightly and keep my weight gain at a good pace. Other times my husband had been working such long hours that fitness and health goals weren’t even on his radar (so I totally understand isn’t easy). Over the last couple years we have had more time together and were able to start working out together! It has truly transformed our lifestyle in such great ways!


Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Fit With Your Spouse!

1.) You Will Never Be Bored – Being a healthy and fit couple opens the door the endless ideas for dates and can be absolutely free! As a CrossFit couple we spend a lot of our spare time doing team workouts, hiking, running together, competing in recreational CrossFit competitions and checking off exciting fitness goals such as completing Tough Mudder. Bored on a Saturday? Make a fitness challenge for your spouse! Pick some goals you would like to achieve together and make them happen! You won’t believe how much fun you will have together.

2.) You Could Meet New Friends – Finding other friends who love health and fitness opens the door to fun social gatherings! My husband and I have connected with so many other CrossFit friends and enjoy the common interest in our friendships! Have a fitness based party, hike with a big group or start a challenge. The benefit of having friends who chose to live the same way you do will lead to you being more successful in meeting your health and fitness goals. Choose to surround yourself with people who support you because it will make a big difference in making fitness and health your lifestyle!

3.)You will have something to talk about besides your kids – You know those awkward date nights when you’ve been married for 10 years and your whole life revolves around your kids? You promised each other you wouldn’t talk about the kids but now here you are talking about the kids again. Getting Fit with my husband has allowed us to have something else in common. It has helped us bond over something other than the little people who run our world! We of course had lots in common when we met (we were just babies) but life is quite different now than it was for the high school sweethearts we were once upon a time. Establishing health goals, exercising together and having fitness as our new “thing” is something worth chatting about. I know I’ll be happy if we still have something that we do together when our kids are grown!


4.) Your Significant Other Will be Happier- It is proven that exercise will boost your mood! This means happy hormones for both you and your spouse. Imagine life without terrible mood swings, depression and anxiety. If wanting these things for yourself isn’t enough to get you motivated encourage your spouse to amp up his or her fitness game! A healthy body and mind are important for all people in relationships. You can’t live with someone if he or she is a total grump all the time! Maybe you will get along better, vent out some of that frustration and your relationship will be better off for it!

5.) You Will likely Both Live Longer- Heart disease, diabetes and obesity are all (for the most part) preventable diseases. Taking care of your body will hopefully allow you to live more years with the people you love. I don’t just take care of myself for me but for my husband, my kids and hopefully grandkids. You could choose to live life by consuming all the unhealthy desires of your heart or you can make a change and focus on your health for the love of the people nearest and dearest to you. I know that God is ultimately in control of our lives but I choose to do my part in hopes that I live until I am wrinkled, old and grey with my husband by my side.

6.) Your Chances of succeeding at your Goals are WAY Higher- I don’t know the statistics but I know that when my husband and I make a goal of eating healthier together we succeed. When I’m on board and he isn’t I have way more slip ups in terms of nutrition. Take it week by week and make a goal you and your spouse can achieve. We have tried goals like no weekday wine, sugar or fast food. This works for me because I know if he is committed then so I am because there is no way I’m going to be the one to prevent him from reaching his goals.

Getting fit with my husband has been a blast but getting fit with kids is fun too !! Check my post aboutย  How to Get Your Kids Involved In Fitnessย 

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