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Simple Ways to Practice Self Care For Busy Moms

Simple Ways to Practice Self Care For Busy Moms

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Having five children is no easy task but I will be honest in saying I struggled just as equally when I had my very first two babies close together if not more than the current  struggle with five. Motherhood is not for the faint of heart. As Mothers we no longer get to control the outcome of our days. We feel responsible for every emotion are children are feeling. We don’t get days off and we never go back to being the way we were before the birth of that first child.  All of us Mamas work so hard to love on our little ones and I have friends near and dear to me that simply struggle to make even just a little bit of time to breathe, ask for help and do something for themselves. For this reason I feel so passionate to encourage you today to find some simple ways to practice self care.

mom of 5

Recently I took a 3 night trip down to Vegas with a dear friend and it brought something to my attention that truly blew my mind. It was the first time I can remember waking up,  getting myself ready and just thinking about me. What did I want to do? What would I eat? What would I wear? It felt so amazing to discover what I truly wanted again even if it was for just a few days.

I absolutely adore, love and cherish Motherhood. I have always felt like it is my one true calling but there have been times were I have burnt out hard! Sometimes it is really obvious like crying spells and meltdowns each night when my husband will come home. Other times it sneaks up on me as anxiety and maybe even a bit of depression. Tell me I’m not the only one that feels like they are confused by their emotions?

If you are a Mom out there and you feel like you are in over your head I want you to know I am right there with you but don’t give up there. Don’t let it eat you up and swallow you whole. Take a break. It is ok. Your husband can handle the baby for a few hours even if he has to bounce the entire time. You can and should get yourself a new shirt because you want to feel fresh. It’s ok to think about yourself and your needs.

I have met Moms that neglect their own health needs such as going to the dentist or getting a blood test because it is simply too much work. Personally, I have dealt with some pretty annoying health problems such as anemia and hypothyroidism. I had to take time to make myself a priority and get well. I had to do blood tests, visit specialists, take more naps, ask for help and spend money on supplements. Was this easy to accomplish with 5 kids? Absolutely not but I had to take care of me so that I could be a Mom filled with joy and energy. I had to fight to feel my best so they could see me at my best.

Raising my tribe of 5 takes up most of my time but I have now learnt how much I can handle and when I need breaks. Small moments alone time are important for my mental health. Even if its just 30 minutes working out at home, a pedicure in my bathroom, or a cup of coffee on my deck. I make a point of getting dressed every day so that I feel like I did something for me. I also take time to read, pray and prepare my heart for each day before the kids wake up.  These simple acts of self care are exactly what busy Mom’s need to feel their best while they handle the bumpy road of Motherhood.

I have compiled a short list of some simple items that make me smile everyday while I’m Mothering my tribe of 5. Click the Links and check out what products I use to pamper myself at home.

1.) Victoria Emerson Design-   The Leather Wrap Bracelets by Victoria Emerson are absolutely stunning. They can be dressy or casual and make me smile when I’m driving my kids all around town. I don’t have the luxury of getting my nails done (and my hands are wrecked from CrossFit) so sometimes a bracelet helps me a feel a bit more girly! Right now use the CODE BREEFITMAMA5 for 30% off!  Click Here to Get Hooked UP





2.) Fit Bit Charge 2 (with heart rate) – Some days I wear pretty bracelets and a lot of days I wear a fit bit. This way even if you covered in sweat, vomit and baby poop you know that your doing something for yourself because you did 25,000 steps today. Click Here


3.) Zealite 6 in 1 Curling Wand ! This an inexpensive curling wand that I love!! You can change the size of the curls and it gets really hot! I bought this about a year ago and use it at least 4 days a week! I feel so much better when I take a few minutes throw some dry shampoo in and curl my hair! To get one Click HERE




4.)  Coffee in a Cute Mug. You know I’m right !!! It actually makes me feel so much better when I drink from a cute mug. I really like the one shown below. Grab one for yourself or a friend. Click HERE

mama bear

5.) “Ava Spot” Oil Diffuser- I love that even when everything is chaotic I can put a few drops of lavender and Frankincense in my oil diffuser. It makes everything seem fresh even if it’s not and helps kill germs in the air! I get my own personal oils locally. Make sure the ones you choose are organic and from a safe source. Grab this awesome 2 pack of diffusers because you will want one for every room! Click HERE

oil diffuser

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