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What Not to Do Before a Fitness Competition

What Not to Do Before a Fitness Competition

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Well Ladies and Gents here I am 2 days before I compete in a CrossFit competition with my three-girl team named “Buns & “Guns”. I have been working my tail off. Pulling double workouts, mastering handstand push-ups, toes to bar, rope climbs, pull-ups and Olympic lifts. I have stuck to my nutrition quite well for the last three months and have made some significant muscle gains. I have been counting down to this final prep week before competition for far too long and had big huge plans to meet every goal during prep week and be my very best for CanWest Games. Since I’ve got it all together I’ve managed to make the perfect list of everything thing you should do before A CrossFit competition.


Want to know the reality? This week has been the queen of suck. I keep trying to meet all the perfect goals so I can compete like Katrin DavidsDottir but the real world keeps spitting me in the face saying “Hey remember you’re a Mom of five, who likes to pretend to be a professional athlete. Let me remind you that kids are needy, goats need rescuing, sleep isn’t an option and wine is calling you name”.

So here is exactly what I had planned to do and the reality of what took place during my week before Canwest Games.

The Do’s (plan of attack for people who can achieve perfection)

• Sleep minimum 8 hours a night
• Take all herbal medications, hormone pills and essential oils. I have used Rhodiola by Thorne for anxiety and stress for the last 6 years. This product has changed how my body handles stress. If I miss this herb I feel it right away. Get some before you compete because the adrenals will definitely need it . Click  Here

• Tighten up diet. Add a few extra healthy calories and increase carbs slightly
• Avoid any alcohol or sugar laden foods
• Say no to Stress. Instead, Meditate, pray, massage get a pedicure. Just be chill & still

  • Hand Care!! I can’t stress this enough. You do not want to rip on competition day. Use grips, take a rest and file your callouses. These are my favorite grips below. Get them Here


• Avoid intense or new exercises that will hurt, fatigue or break down muscles
• Prepare all nutrition for the weekend. Pack ahead of time so your prepared
• Stretch, roll, yoga – Keep yourself loose and flexible. This foam roller here is amazing and is a must have on competition day. (I also love to roll before and after many of my weekly workouts) Click HERE

foam roller

The Don’ts (This is when the reality kicks in that you might not make it to the CrossFit Games)

• Stay up late having super fun BBQ’s with your friends the weekend before. Cry a little when the baby gets up at 5 am and you have slept for 3 hours.
• Night after night plan sleepovers for your million kids. Try to be nice and smile when children are arguing at 11:30 pm about night lights.
• Sign up for every thing that is available to your children this week. Tennis camp, pool days, playdates and pizza parties. Pack the schedule so full that you run yourself ragged.
• Don’t wash your hair for a week and skip meals because you didn’t have time to meal prep and you have health goals.
• Take kids to places that stress you out like Costco. Spend $600 dollars and feel stressed. Don’t buy the adrenal support you have been using or the hormone balancing herbs because you feel broke.

• Drink wine. 1 glass won’t hurt will it? We are still a couple days out from the big competition.
• Accidently drink a second glass. Sleep like crap and get a headache
• Practice Pullups and rip your hands open 5 days before the competition
• Attempt new things at stupid hours of the day like workouts on the assault bike at 10pm. Make sure you have an audience so you feel the pressure.
• Finally take a fitness rest day. Invite 9 kids over for the day so you feel extra rejuvenated.
• Wake up sniffly, sneezing and tired. Wonder? Do feel a cold coming on?
• Shoot Oregano oil, take hormone herbs, pray for the Good Lord to heal your sick body.
• Eat all the ice-cream you have in the house. Then eat some more and basically just eat it see it for 48 hours. Carb Loading is a thing, right?carb loading
• Have a mini panic attack that now you are 5 lbs heavier and pull-ups will be that much harder
• Let the excitement, nerves, adrenalin keep you up all night before you compete.
• Try to find babysitters, wing the meal plan and roll with the punches. You are a CrossFit superstar so all of the above has got nothing on you!


All joking aside your team is counting on you so it is important to at least try your best to take care of yourself during the week before the competition. I wish you the best of luck  and remember to have fun!!

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