Welcome Friends,

I am so glad we have connected! First off I am wife to my highschool sweetheart and a mama to the 5 most amazing kiddos on the planet. I’m not really sure how I got here (well there’s that one thing…) but somehow God has blessed me with the job of raising these five beautiful souls.
I met my husband at the very young age of fifteen. I made sure right away to let my mama know that “I was gonna marry that man.” We were married by the time I turned 19 .

I’m sure glad I snagged that young hunk because he has sacrificed his wants for mine time and time again and continues to love me through this crazy, beautiful journey we call motherhood.


We have a small hobby farm in British Columbia and try our best to keep up with farm life and raising babies. It isn’t easy (some days are very, very bad) but we have love, our kids are clothed, bathed and fed so I feel like that’s pretty much a win.
My husband and myself both have a passion for fitness. We workout together in our little barn gym and call it “date night”. We have recently fallen in love with crossfit and have enjoyed watching each other compete in recreational crossfit competitions.


I am extremely passionate about fitness & nutrition. I grew up dancing competitively and spent 6 years of my young adult life teaching children and adults.  After having my babies, I decided it was best to step down from teaching at the studio and start working out from home to keep in shape. For years I have been trying new things, jumping from program to program and fluctuating in size (obviously pregnancy included).  After the birth of our 5th baby my CrossFit crazed husband built us our own gym here at home.  He took his level 1 training and is now able to coach me here at home over the last year.  It has changed my view on fitness and health in an extraordinary way.  It has helped me to believe in myself, dream big and show up consistently everyday.
I hope to connect with you and share about all things Faith, Farm, Fitness and Motherhood including all the good, the bad and the ugly.  I hope this site enables you to laugh through life as a mother, inspire you to give yourself some grace, and above all else find out how to love yourself best because your creator sure loves you.


From the bottom of my heart,