Nutrition Plans

~Nutrition E-Book~


Nutrition is the key to your success. You have heard it before and I will say it again you can’t out train a bad diet (just ask my husband, he’s still trying).  I love CrossFit style training because it gives me the ability to blast out an effective workout in 15 -25 minutes. This was particularly important to me because my babies are usually pretty demanding during those first few months.

I am currently in the process of creating a 2 week eating plan that includes all the information you need to succeed with your nutrition goals.   I will outline what I have personally done while breastfeeding and caring for 5 children.  I am particularly passionate about postpartum fitness and hormonal health because of my own personal experience were my nutrition habits had left me hormonally imbalanced.

Skipping meals, slashing calories, eating very little fats and over exercising are not healthy ways to approach your postpartum health journey.  I know because a few babies ago I experienced and learned this myself the hard way. (See my blog post on Hormonal Imbalance ). Us mamas need to be fed and have energy to give fully to our families.

The key to my nutrition plan is simplicity.  Get content with the idea that your meals are going to be filling, healthy and your muscles will be fueled.  Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated.  My simple meal plan will give you 14 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are quick, practical and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. (You know that’s true because 5 kids is a lot of kids to feed)

Stay tuned for the big debut……