~My Physical Transformation~

The physical transformation I have had since the birth of my 5th and final baby has been in my opinion fairly average. I did nothing extreme and didn’t go a day hungry. I made healthy choices most days but allowed more treat days then I would like to admit. I struggled with hypothyroidism and a stomach parasite .I spent 6 months cold, tired and unmotivated. I ate foods that come from the earth as often as I could and some days I ate large amounts of chocolate and red wine. I did not have a fast , easy or effortless experience getting back in shape postpartum. But without a I doubt showed up every single day . No sleep, breastfeeding, five kids and mentally/physically struggling were not excuses I let get in my way. I worked out when I felt like sleeping. I pushed as hard as I could and was proud of my efforts.  I showed up regardless of how I felt. Consistency is key friends. I  do not have an end goal, a body weight goal or a fitness model I aspire to look like. That being said I have experienced a change in my body and I know how hard I fought to get here. The physical changes are nothing compared to the positive mental health changes I have experienced in my pursuit of getting strong! I no longer care if my thighs are a certain size but rather how much can these thighs handle in a squat clean.  Here is my transformation from 6 weeks postpartum to 11 months postpartum with baby number five.

~6 weeks~                                           ~11 months~